SOS Builds provides after school education, leadership, and character enrichment for youth through hands-on construction training.

SOS Builds is an after school program for middle and high school students in Binghampton.

Each year Builders (SOS Builds students) have the opportunity to design and construct a significant construction project in Binghampton to bring added value to the community. Builders work closely with architects, contractors, engineers and other relevant professionals throughout the process.

Builders are exposed to a variety of disciplines during the year, including: creativity, teamwork, math, problem solving, construction, and biblical discipleship. Builders gain great practical skills and insight into the construction industry, while developing as servant leaders.

Want to learn more about SOS Builds? Do you have a project request for SOS Builds? Are you a Lester Prep middle school student ready to become a Builder? Email Ally.


2014-15: The Clubhouse

SOS Builds launched with a team of ten participants. SOS Builders were responsible for the design, construction, and installation of The Clubhouse, a wooden play structure on the property of the Carpenter Art Garden in Binghampton. Many thanks to the Carpenter Art Garden and the Binghampton Development Corporation for the opportunity and ongoing partnership.

2016-17: Picnic Tables

SOS Builds launched a pilot high school program tasked with the creation of a picnic table design and assembly method. Middle School Builders used the design and assembly method to create 28 picnic tables, given as gifts to SOS Summer Camp’s Homeowner Partners of 2017 in Binghampton and Orange Mound.

2015-16: The Pavilion

SOS Builds was responsible for the design, construction, and installation of The Pavilion, a large shade structure at The Hamp Football Field in Binghampton which is home to the Memphis Gridiron Ministries and their junior league teams. SOS Builds received invaluable program support from Fleming Architects and Linkous Construction.

2017-18: Putt-Putt Holes + Picnic Tables

The SOS Builds High School cohort grew to 5 Builders. Along with skill based projects, the Builders earned a contract from Grizzlies Prep Charter School to design and construct five unique full scale putt-putt holes. Middle School Builders continued the picnic table project for a second year, again producing 30 picnic tables for 2018 Homeowner Partners of SOS’s Summer Camp.


“When I am at SOS Builds I feel happy.”
SOS Builder